Game Design Course

Turn your love for gaming into a profession by learning game design online.

We will teach you how to make games.
Expert game design career training is available.

In this rigorous course, you'll learn how to improve your core game design abilities and develop more complex video games. Learn how to develop immersive game levels and interfaces, how to mix multiple gaming systems to create more engaging experiences, and what it takes to launch a successful game using AAA case studies.

Why should you come to our site to learn game design?

With our comprehensive game design course, you can delve further into the intriguing world of gaming. You'll master advanced-level design methods, work on interesting and demanding projects, and develop the professional skills you'll need to work at a gaming company.

We're here to help you develop speed and confidence with industry-leading software Unreal Engine and generate unique work for your portfolio.
Skill level
Introduction to Game Design or portfolio submission
Included software
Unreal Engine, Photoshop
The most in-depth game design course available to make you studio-ready.
Our courses will prepare you for a rewarding career in video games. Turn your love for gaming into a profession by developing the practical employment skills that companies want.
  • Flexible Scheduling
    Schedule your classes around your employment and family obligations.
  • Tasks for practics
    Get skills on how to work on video games.
  • Job-Ready Competencies
    Develop the practical and relevant career abilities that studios want.
  • Plans for Payment
    With flexible payments, you may pursue your passion and begin working sooner.
A program that has been authorized by the industry to help you start your career as a game designer.
Term 1:


It's all too easy for game designers to get engrossed in design theories and concepts. However, most game concepts should be touched, felt, played, and tested as quickly as possible. This semester, you'll discover how to bring your ideas to life and what goes into creating a fun and engaging game.

Great ideas abound, but the ability to implement them effectively is much more crucial. You'll learn how to evaluate and articulate your ideas using the concepts, methods, and theories you've acquired so far, then apply your new abilities and understanding of level and game systems design to more complicated level design challenges and areas by constructing your own playable game prototype in Unreal.
Term 2:


Many different games and genres rely heavily on action and fighting. This semester, you'll learn how to design and develop fantastic AAA fighting and action games for PC and consoles. You'll utilize all of the theory and fundamental knowledge of the Unreal engine that you've gained in past terms to create an amazing game that you can showcase in your portfolio.

Take your game from concept to completion, from developing game mechanics to creating a fun level to implementing it in Unreal so that others may play it using our unique Unreal toolkit. Even if you're not an artist or coder, you'll have all the assets and tools you need to make a game.
Term 3:


This last semester is all about making you job-ready! You'll polish your greatest work for your portfolio and learn how to establish your competitive edge, promote yourself, and make the best possible impression in front of employers with the help of your mentor. Our Career Development Manager will also provide you with extra 1-on-1 career help, portfolio checks, and industry insights.
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