Introduction to 2D Animation

Professional animators teach an online 2D animation course for novices.

Learn the fundamentals of 2D animation.
For beginners, a fun, hands-on 2D animation short course.

Discover the techniques used to create the funny characters you grew up with, and learn how to make your own animations from the ground up.

The following are some of the reasons why you should learn 2D animation at our site:
  • Even if you have no previous experience with animation, you can learn how to do it.
With our course's 2D animation, you can bring your tales to life! This beginner's course will give you a strong foundation in 2D animation in only three months. You'll dive straight into the 12 Principles of Animation and Toon Boom Harmony's numerous features.
Skill level
Basic computer and drawing skills
Included software
You may purchase a license Toom Boom Harmony
Learn 2D animation from professionals who have worked on blockbuster movies.

Our 2D programs help you gain practical professional skills that will benefit you throughout your career, whether you are fresh out of high school, changing fields, or upgrading your abilities.
  • Flexible Scheduling
    Schedule your classes around your employment and family obligations.
  • Tasks for practics
    Get skills on how to work on big motion pictures and video games.
  • Job-Ready Competencies
    Develop the practical and relevant career abilities that studios want.
  • Plans for Payment
    With flexible payments, you may pursue your passion and begin working sooner.
A program recognized by the industry to get you started in the field of 2D animation.
Term 1:
You'll study 2D animation foundations and put them into practice with your first 2D pieces: the bouncing ball, flour sack leap, and a walk cycle starting with the 12 Principles of Animation.

You'll learn how to use Toon Boom's essential features to bring personality and emotion to your work while creating the appearance of three-dimensional space, as well as drawing tools, posing, timing, spacing, the timeline, and the X-sheet.
Do you have any questions? We've got the answers you're looking for.
Learn more about the course requirements and the animation occupations you could pursue in the future. Visit the main FAQ page or email us if you have any general inquiries regarding studying at our school.


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