Introduction to Concept Art & Digital Illustration

With this online short course for beginners, you can jumpstart your career in the film and gaming business.

We will teach you concept art and digital illustration.
Take the first step toward a career as a film and game artist.

In this short course, you'll learn the principles of digital painting and learn what it takes to create a profession out of it. An industry veteran with years of experience making art for the entertainment business will guide and motivate you.

Why should you learn about digital painting?

  • Learn how to make art for movies, video games, and books.
  • Learn how to use Photoshop like a pro.

Learn how to design for the entertainment and publishing sectors. Your highly skilled and dedicated mentor will help you get started in this creative industry, whether it's concept art for cinema and games, book cover art, or trading card graphics.

This course is part of the whole Concept Art & Illustration Course, so when you finish it, you'll have completed one-third of the course!
Skill level
Minimum computer requirements and basic sketching skills
Included software
You may purchase a license Adobe Photoshop
This course will teach you the fundamentals of digital painting.

Our painting programs can equip you with the newest skills utilized in the field, whether you're fresh out of high school, changing jobs, or upgrading your abilities.
  • Flexible Scheduling
    Schedule your classes around your employment and family obligations.
  • Tasks for practics
    Get skills on how to work on big motion pictures and video games.
  • Job-Ready Competencies
    Develop the practical and relevant career abilities that studios want.
  • Plans for Payment
    With flexible payments, you may pursue your passion and begin working sooner.
A program that has been authorized by the industry to get you started as a concept artist or illustrator.
Term 1:
Establish a firm grasp of color, value, and light before beginning your illustration and concept art for beginners course. Then, using perspective sketching and anatomy, you'll investigate how physical characteristics influence design decisions. Discuss the differences between indirect and direct design briefs, as well as how to generate concepts depending on the information you're provided. Use your new abilities to create a character, and learn how to polish and showcase your work properly.
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