Android App Development
Dive into the world of mobile app development with our Android App Development course. Learn how to build native Android applications using Java/Kotlin, create user interfaces, work with databases, and publish your apps to the Google Play Store.
About this course
Welcome to our comprehensive "Android App Development" course, where you'll immerse yourself in the exciting field of mobile app development for Android devices. This course is designed for individuals who want to learn how to build native Android applications from scratch and bring their app ideas to life.
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In this course, you'll gain hands-on experience in developing Android apps using Java or Kotlin, two of the most popular programming languages for Android. You'll learn how to design user interfaces, handle user interactions, store data in databases, and implement various features to create functional and interactive Android applications.
Course Sections
1. Introduction to Android App Development
2. Setting Up the Android Development Environment
3. Java/Kotlin Fundamentals for Android Development
4. Building User Interfaces with XML and Layouts
5. Handling User Input and User Interface Events
6. Working with Activities and Fragments
7. Storing and Retrieving Data with SQLite Database
8. Introduction to Android App Architecture (MVC/MVVM)
9. Implementing Network Communication and APIs
10. Adding Multimedia and Location-Based Features
11. Testing and Debugging Android Apps
12. Publishing Your App to the Google Play Store
What You'll Learn:
By completing this course, you will:
  • Understand the fundamentals of Android app development
  • Set up your Android development environment
  • Program in Java/Kotlin for Android applications
  • Create user interfaces using XML and layouts
  • Handle user input and user interface events
  • Implement activities and fragments for app navigation
  • Store and retrieve data using SQLite database
  • Explore Android app architecture patterns (MVC/MVVM)
  • Communicate with web services and APIs
  • Incorporate multimedia and location-based features
  • Test, debug, and optimize your Android apps
  • Publish your finished app to the Google Play Store
Enroll now in our "Android App Development" course and embark on an exciting journey of mobile app creation. Master the art of Android app development, build your portfolio, and become a proficient Android app developer. Join us on this rewarding adventure of Android app development and unleash your creativity in the world of mobile apps!
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