Introduction to Game Design

This is an online game creation course for novices.

Learn the principles of game creation.
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This engaging, in-depth course offers you a taste of what it's like to work as a video game designer in a AAA studio. You'll learn what makes a game 'fun' and develop practical job skills in system and level design.

Why should you come to our institution to learn game design?
  • Even if you have no previous experience in game design, you can learn how to do it.
  • Become more confident by utilizing industry-standard applications like Photoshop and Unreal Engine.

You'll study the fundamentals of game design via systems and mechanics, comprehend various job positions and team structures, dissect your favorite games to expose nuanced design choices, and begin developing and constructing your own game world!

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Skill level
Basic computer skills and a passion for games
Included software
Unreal Engine, Photoshop
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Our educational programs will help you prepare for a rewarding career in the sector. Unleash your creative potential while developing the practical work skills that studios seek.
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    Get skills on how to work on video games.
  • Job-Ready Competencies
    Develop the practical and relevant career abilities that studios want.
  • Plans for Payment
    With flexible payments, you may pursue your passion and begin working sooner.
Curriculum that has been authorized by the gaming industry to help you start your career as a game designer.
Term 1:


A fundamental grasp of game design theory is required before you can begin developing a game. We'll look at HOW you design things, WHY they function, and WHAT you need to do to create an engaging game. See how a platform may fundamentally alter the game design and how these changes must be accommodated across genres.

In the name of the study, expect to play a LOT of games. Every excellent designer must be able to study, dissect, and comprehend how and why each game differs. This will be accomplished by learning how to paper design and idea, establishing a level design specification, and verifying that level functionality and other technical requirements are satisfied.
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