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To help you get started in the film industry, we prepared this course.

Nuke training from our site will educate you artistically and technically for a job as a compositor in the film business in less than a year. Master the skills employed by major VFX companies in rotoscoping, digital painting, keying, scripting, and lighting.

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The need for highly trained, talented compositors is expanding in tandem with the VFX industry. There's never been a better time to study Nuke, the most popular digital compositing program for visual effects.
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Basic Knowledge of Nuke
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Nuke, Mocha
Learn Nuke compositing from our video course.
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Industry-recognized training to help you get started as a VFX compositor.
Term 1:


Put your Nuke talents to the test with increasingly difficult tasks once you've completed the Introduction to Nuke course. To increase your compositing software ability, start with Boris FX Mocha Pro and then go on to Nuke's advanced 3D compositing toolkit. Split-screening, screen inserts, and production removal will all become second nature to you. Many required skills, such as blending CG and live-action effects components into live-action plates, will be taught by the conclusion of this semester.
Term 2:


Learn set replacement and sophisticated live-action green screen compositing methods to add to your compositing artist repertoire. Learn how to use gizmos and basic expressions. Prop replacement, vector tools, and distortions, all of which are routine yet sophisticated jobs and approaches, will become second nature to you. Advanced, multi-part shots utilizing all areas of the visual effects pipeline, including live-action, CG effects, and animated CG characters, will give you the skills you need to be a well-rounded junior compositor. By the conclusion of the semester, you will have gained the confidence to independently problem-solve within studio-level shot assignments while learning several cutting-edge abilities.
Term 3:


Create interesting, one-of-a-kind photos to add to your compositing portfolio. You will combine all prior-learned abilities inside compositing while improving your portfolio, using a constantly-growing collection of given backdrop plates and industry-quality comments at every stage. All bespoke shots are developed with the express intent of creating an intriguing demo reel that will catch the attention of future employers. This is your chance to show the rest of the world what you're made of!
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